That Superhero Thing podcast was started in February 2021 by Nick and Antony - 2 friends with a shared love of comic book movies and TV shows. Nick and Antony would regularly discuss the latest movie news and theorise over the latest releases. After years of doing this they decided to start recording what they did and ‘That Superhero Thing’ podcast was born. The podcast allows them to continue to discuss their love of movies but to do it with people all over the world!


Nick is one of the podcast hosts and creators. Having dabbled in the world of YouTube a number of years ago he finally found something he loved in podcasting!

Nick lives in the U.K. with his wife, 2 kids and his dog, Diego. His ‘real job’ is in finance and he spends his spare time chilling with the family and working on the podcast (of course!)

Favourite Movie(s): Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Back to the Future

Favourite Marvel movie: Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Favourite DC movie: Shazam

Most-hated comic book movie: Catwoman


Antony has always followed a path of entertaining, and was thrilled to be a part of creating and hosting this podcast.

Antony lives in the U.K with his American Bulldog. He works in sales but his hobby is working in musical theatre, along with a passion for film and TV.

Favourite movie(s): Pitch Perfect, War of The Worlds

Favourite Marvel Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

Favourite DC Movie: The Dark Knight

Most Hated Comic Book Movie: Ghost Rider