The origin story

We'd love to tell you some super exciting origin story of how the podcast came to be, but unfortunately it's all pretty straight-forward.

No vats of toxic waste, zero mystical weapons discovered AND not one cheesey training montage to speak of! Instead, its just two mild-mannered dudes building upon their shared love of comic book movies...

Nick and Antony met at work all the way back in 2015. They instantly became mates when they realised they were the ONLY people there who had any interest in superheroes. Over the next few years, the pair would regularly go to all the latest Marvel and DC movies together before spending the journey home breaking down the film and having a good laugh in the process.

Eventually, an idea started to form; "why not record our breakdowns and converations so that we can share them with comic book fans around the world!?" After a few months of planning (and a worldwide pandemic), Nick and Antony grabbed a microphone each and THAT SUPERHERO THING was born!

Our mission

At THAT SUPERHERO THING, our mission is to bring you the most fun but informative podcast on the planet!

Whether you're an expert in all things Marvel & DC or just an occasional viewer of the latest comic book content, you'll have a tonne of laughs listening to Nick and Antony navigate this multiverse of SUPERHERO fandom.

Every week we break down the latest comic-culture news, movies and tv shows before listening to YOUR thoughts and theories in 'Pod Fans Assemble'

Meet your hosts

[nick gatti]

Nick has always been somewhat of a 'creator', having dabbled in the world of YouTube in the past and even doing some freelance graphic work for other creators. This all led to him having a go at podcasting and the rest is history!

Nick lives in the UK with his wife, 2 kids and dog, Diego. His 'real job' is in finance and he spends his spare time chilling with the family, trekking around the North West and working on the podcast (of course!)

[antony holden]

Antony has always followed a path of 'entertainment' having studied drama at university. So, when the opportunity arose to be part of a SUPER ENTERTAINING podcast, he jumped at the chance!

Antony lives in the UK with his American Bulldog, Duncan. He works in sales and his hobby is working in musical theatre, along with a passion for film and TV.